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Drills down the topmost members of a set, at a specified level, to one level below.


DrilldownLevelTop(«Set», «Count»[, [«Level»][, «Numeric Expression»]])


This function is similar to the DrilldownLevel function, but instead of including all children for each member at the specified «Level», only the top «Count» of children is returned, based on «Numeric Expression».


Assuming California and New York had the highest sales, the following example returns the set {USA, California, New York}:

DrilldownLevelTop({[Customers Location].USA},2,,[Unit Sales])

The expression

DrilldownLevelTop({[Customers Location].[Country].Members},2,,[Unit Sales])

returns the set

{Canada, <top two provinces in Canada>, 
Mexico, < top two states in Mexico>, ..., 
USA, < top two states in USA>}.

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