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The Basic MDX Query

A basic Multidimensional Expressions (MDX) query is structured in a fashion similar to the following example:

SELECT [<axis_specification>
       [, <axis_specification>...]]
  FROM [<cube_specification>]
[WHERE [<slicer_specification>]]
Basic MDX Syntax - SELECT Statement

In MDX, the SELECT statement is used to specify a dataset containing a subset of multidimensional data. To discuss the various syntax elements of the MDX SELECT statement, this topic presents a basic MDX query example and breaks it down into its syntax elements, discussing the purpose and structure of each element.

To specify a dataset, an MDX query must contain information about:

This information can be complex. As you will see in this topic, MDX syntax can provide such information in a simple and straightforward manner, using the MDX SELECT statement.

Basic MDX Query Example

The following MDX query example is used to discuss the various parts of basic MDX SELECT statement syntax:

   { [Measures].[Unit Sales], [Measures].[Store Sales] } ON COLUMNS,
   { [Time].[1997], [Time].[1998] } ON ROWS
FROM Sales
WHERE ( [Store].[USA].[CA] )

The basic MDX SELECT statement contains a SELECT clause and a FROM clause, with an optional WHERE clause.

The SELECT clause determines the axis dimensions of an MDX SELECT statement. Two axis dimensions are defined in the MDX query example.

The FROM clause determines which multidimensional data source is to be used when extracting data to populate the result set of the MDX SELECT statement.

The WHERE clause optionally determines which dimension or member to use as a slicer dimension; this restricts the extracting of data to a specific dimension or member. The MDX query example uses a WHERE clause to restrict the data extract for the axis dimensions to a specific member of the Store dimension.

The MDX SELECT statement supports other optional syntax, such as the WITH keyword, and the use of MDX functions to construct members by calculation for inclusion in an axis or slicer dimension.

The syntax format of the MDX SELECT statement is similar to that of SQL syntax; however, you will note several obvious differences: