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  • Introduction to MDX
  • Key Concepts in MDX
  • Comparison of SQL and MDX

    Basic MDX

  • The Basic MDX Query
  • Members, Tuples, and Sets
  • Axis and Slicer Dimensions
  • Specifying the Contents of an Axis Dimension
  • Specifying the Contents of a Slicer Dimension
  • Establishing Cube Context

    Advanced MDX

  • Using Member Properties
  • Intrinsic Dimension and Level Member Properties
  • Intrinsic Member Properties
  • Custom Member Properties
  • Using Cell Properties
  • FORMAT_STRING Contents
  • FORE_COLOR and BACK_COLOR Contents
  • Building Named Sets in MDX
  • Building Calculated Members in MDX
  • Using WITH to Create Calculated Cells

    Effective MDX

  • Working with Empty Cells
  • Creating a Cell Within the Context of a Cube
  • Working with the RollupChildren Function
  • WHERE Clause Overrides

    MDX functions

    AddCalculatedMembers   Aggregate   AllMembers   Ancestor   Ancestors   Ascendants   Avg   Axis   BottomCount   BottomPercent   BottomSum   CalculationCurrentPass   CalculationPassValue   Call   Children   ClosingPeriod   CoalesceEmpty   Correlation   Count   Cousin   Covariance   CovarianceN   Crossjoin   Current   CurrentMember   DataMember   DefaultMember   Descendants   Dimension   Dimensions   Distinct   DistinctCount   DrilldownLevel   DrilldownLevelBottom   DrilldownLevelTop   DrilldownMember   DrilldownMemberBottom   DrilldownMemberTop   DrillupLevel   DrillupMember   Except   Extract   Filter   FirstChild   FirstSibling   Generate   Head   Hierarchize   Hierarchy   IIf   Intersect   Is   IsAncestor   IsEmpty   IsLeaf   IsSibling   Item   Lag   LastChild   LastPeriods   LastSibling   Lead   Level   Levels   LinkMember   LinRegIntercept   LinRegPoint   LinRegR2   LinRegSlope   LinRegVariance   Max   Median   Members   MemberToStr   Min   Mtd   Name   NameToSet   NextMember   NonEmptyCrossjoin   OpeningPeriod   Order   Ordinal   ParallelPeriod   Parent   PeriodsToDate   PrevMember   Properties   Qtd   Rank   RollupChildren   SetToArray   SetToStr   Siblings   Stdev   StdevP   StripCalculatedMembers   StrToMember   StrToSet   StrToTuple   StrToValue   Subset   Sum   Tail   ToggleDrillState   TopCount   TopPercent   TopSum   TupleToStr   Union   UniqueName   UserName   ValidMeasure   Value   Var   Variance   VarianceP   VarP   VisualTotals   Wtd   Ytd