Learn how to refresh your Excel workbooks

You've just rebuilt your cube and you would like to reflect the changes in your workbooks, but you get a window like the one below when you click the Refresh button in Excel.

Why? Because Excel tries to rebuild the cube from the original source data.

But Olapcube creates a temporary file to build cubes, and it is no longer available at this time.

Once generated, the cube files are no longer tied to any data source, that's why you can use them on a laptop that is not connected to the network, or you can send them to anybody over the internet (a customer for example).

Recommended solution

You can write a simple Macro in your Excel workbook.

To make the macro run automatically when you open the workbook, the name of the macro must be Workbook_Open

Private Sub Workbook_Open()

  For Each Worksheet In Worksheets
    For Each PivotTable In Worksheet.PivotTables

  For Each Worksheet In Charts

End Sub

Important: the Workbook_Open macro needs to be in the ThisWorkbook module.

Solution 2

To refresh your workbooks, you can click the Excel button in Olapcube Reader and select "Refresh workbooks...":

Click the Add button to add workbooks and click the "Refresh All" button to refresh workbooks.

If you need to refresh the field list, this is the solution we recommend.

Solution 3

Create a scheduled task to rebuild your cube and refresh your workbooks.