How many records can Olapcube handle? What is the limit?

The limit is not the number of records but the size of the output cube file.
If it exceeds 100MB, it may result in slow performance.

The cube size depends on the way data is consolidated.
You may create a cube with 100 millions records that would end up as a 1MB cube file.
Or you may create a cube with 2 millions records that would end up as a 80MB cube file.

How to reduce the size of the cube?

Don't include measures or dimensions levels that your users don't really need.

For example, consider this Customer dimension:

Do you really need the "Customer name" level here? If you remove this level, it could dramatically reduce the cube size.


If you cube is too big, you should also consider creating 2 cubes instead of one.
For example, one cube to analyze customers and one cube to analyze suppliers.