What is a cube?

A cube is a data structure that allows fast analysis. It consists of numeric facts called measures which are categorized by dimensions. For example, a company might wish to analyze some financial data by product, by time-period, by city, etc. These axis of analyzing are called dimensions. Each dimension can be summarized using a hierarchy: Cities could be summarized into regions, countries and then global regions; products could be summarized into larger categories, etc.

What kind of cube does OlapCube create?

OlapCube creates local cube files on your computer (files with a .cub extension). These cubes are compatible with major OLAP clients, including Microsoft Excel. You don't need to run a server.

What kind of data?

OlapCube can retrieve data from any relational database or text file. All major DBs are covered, including Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Access.