Learn how to concatenate table columns to create a dimension level.

For example, concatenate the first name and the last name to create the "Employee name" dimension level.

Step 1
Click the "firstname" column in the preview window

Step 2
Select "Add as new Dimension" and click OK.

The new Dimension is created in the project view.

Step 3
Right-click the new Dimension and select "Properties"

Step 4
Rename the Dimension and click OK

Step 5
Right-click the Dimension Level and select "Properties"

Step 6
Rename the Dimension Level

Step 7
Click the Arrow button and select "Advanced..."

Step 8
Type the VBScript code to concatenate the columns

Step 9
Click the "Insert" button and select the column you want

Step 10
When you're done, click OK.

You can type any VBScript code you need in this field.

For example, you can use the Insert button to add conditional statements.

Step 11
Select a datatype and click OK.

The new level is now displayed in the preview windows.