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What is a cube?

How many records can Olapcube handle? What is the limit?

OlapCube Writer - Tutorials

How to group values into categories
for example, even if you only have only a Country column in your database, you can easily group countries by regions of the world (Europe, Africa, America, Asia, etc)

How to concatenate table columns to create new dimension levels
for example, concatenate firstname and lastname to create the "employee name" dimension level

How to convert a Text column to a Date column
for example, if you link to text files, you'll have to convert columns from text data type to date data type before you can create time dimensions

How to calculate an average value
for example, calculate the average quantity per order

How to create a parent-child dimension
A parent-child dimension is based on two table columns that together define the relationships among the members of the dimension

How to create a cube with data from multiple sources
For example, in one single cube, you want to merge data from Oracle and data from SQL Server

How to define relationships between tables
For example, create a relationship between the CategoryID column in the Categories table (the primary key) and the CategoryID column in the Products table (the foreign key).

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How to refresh Excel workbooks